Full Groom

All full grooms include a bath with a luxury, 100% natural WildWash shampoo, deep facial cleanse, blow-dry and brush out, teeth clean, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, hygiene area trim, finished in the style of your choice and a spritz of a gorgeous 100% natural fragrance.

For most breeds, a full groom every 6 to 8 weeks is recommended.

Prices start from £40 and are based on individual breeds but do also vary depending on size, the condition of your dog’s coat and your dog’s behavior.

Please contact me to discuss. 

Bath & Tidy

A bath with a luxury, WildWash natural shampoo, blow-dry and brush out, A little trim above their eyes, around their feet, hygiene area, and a spritz of fragrance.

Bath and tidies are great for in between your dogs regular 6-8 week grooms if you want to make sure your dog’s coat stays clean, knot-free, and in gorgeous condition. They’re also perfect for a special occasion if your dog needs a little pamper to freshen up.

Available only to those dogs whose coats would usually be clipped at their regular grooms. 

Prices start from £32.

Puppy Groom

Bath with a luxury, 100% natural, super gentle puppy shampoo. Blow-dry and brush out, teeth clean, ear clean, a little trim above their eyes, and tidy around their feet, hygiene area and bottom. Finishing with a gorgeous spritz of natural fragrance. Extra time is always allocated for cuddles, kisses, and playtime. The perfect introduction to the grooming experience for your newest member of the family. Familiarising your puppy with being groomed early on is really very important. It enables a gradual introduction to all the new sounds and equipment that grooming involves, without them being overwhelmed. So, that when they’re ready for their first full groom, they are relaxed, comfortable, and hopefully very happy to be pampered. 

Available to puppies up to 6 months old and prices start from £32.

Optional Extras

Any or all of the below treatments can be added to any service for an extra £3:

 Paw wax | Ear plucking | Fresh breath foam

All Prices are dependent on the breed and size of your dog as well the condition of your dog’s coat and their behaviour.  If your dog’s coat is matted there will be an extra charge, the amount would depend on the severity of the matting and the size of the dog and starts from £5. However, this will always be discussed during the pre-groom consultation. Bath and tidies will not be available if your dog has any matting and are not designed to replace your dogs regular full groom. But, rather as an extra in between little pamper to help you maintain your dog’s beautiful coat. 

Is your dog in need of a pamper?

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